Medical Weight Loss Program

  • 140 Dollars for the initial visit!!
  • Sudden "Weight Loss" or "Weight gain" is a medical emergency and may need medical treatment quickly.
  • Question Am I a candidate for weight Loss program? :  There may not be your fault that your are gaining weight, there may be a medical behind it. If you eat little and gain weight or eat lot or are a compulsive eater , there may be medical reason or combination of reasons like Stress and low mood, Hypothyroidism, vitamin deficiency, Insulin sensitivity, food allergy, hormonal imbalance, digestive issues, ageing, Steroid treatment, Cushing's syndrome, Tiredness, fluid retention, Diabetes treatment, Polycystic ovary syndrome PCOS), Lack of sleep, Antidepressants, some drugs may cause weight gain like birth control pills, menopause, Quitting smoking, lack of activity, high carb and sugar diets etc. 
  • In Nutshell, if you are uncomfortable with your body or its weight or have BMI over 25, or for male the stomach circumference is above 38inches, or neck size over 17 inches ,  female stomach above 30 inches., or neck size over 12 inches, Yes you may be a candidate for weight loss program.
  • Question: What are the risks if one does not join weight loss program ? Our body has self healing properties and most of the times it will correct it self, but excess weight if left unchecked it may lead to metabolic syndrome , which can cause several health issues including, diabetes/Hypertension  and its complications., including cancer and death. The fat deposit near organs or around belly is the most dangerous. 
  • Question : I eat healthy diet and Exercise regularly, but I can't lose weight or lost weight comes back 
  • As mentioned above if you are concerned about your weight issues and diet and exercise or card board food or horrible tasting liquid diets are not helping you, then there must be a medical reason you gaining weight. Contact Arden Wellness Med Spa and let our expert weight loss specialist diagnose and find treatment for it for you.
  • Question : How hard it is to lose weight and keep it off ?  If you do not fix the leaking faucet and keep on emptying the bucket or  do not fine tune your burner it will require more fuel for same heat and or do not fix the health issues , chances are that you will keep on gaining weight and will require more calories to move the heavy body. But once you start working with our weight loss experts, they will design an easy to follow " Weight Loss Program" for you to lose weight and keep it off.
  •   Question : What is the cost of a typical weight loss program ?   A typical weight loss pays for it self as weight loss is equal to = Calories intake - Calories used. So by cutting the food calories and empty calories from sugar, sugary drinks, wine, beer, liquor, deserts, etc. 
  • We can design programs as low as $89/ per month . As it takes 84 to 112 days to change habits, we recommend You Signup for a 112 to 140 days packages ranging from $ 800.00 to $2999,00 depending upon your  needs, affordability, past experience . 
  • Question. What do I expect in the First Visit?  Once you setup your appointment and come to our beautiful Wellness Center, you be greeted by our professional staff, who will collect the agreed upon fee from you and give you some basic forms to fill including your demographic information and personal and medical history. Some staff member at this point will get copy of your state or federal photo ID, and accompany you to triage room to take and record your Height, Weight, (NIBP) Non invasive blood pressure , Pulse rate, blood oxygen level and BMI. rom here you will be accompanied to the private room of weight loss expert (MD, DO, NP, RN, dietician, nutrition etc.). This expert will take your oral personal, social. medical history and will perform a level 3 medical exam to see if you can safely lose weight .Here you will discuss one on one your issues involving weight and be given a try out 28 days program. This discussion and program details will be only between you and weight loss expert. and be protected by HIPPA Laws.

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